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Lana prays that the worst is behind her. Following a dose of relationship hell, she flees Greece and staggers into the awaiting arms of a British-based pop star. She resumes a fabulous career and all should be well. But being suddenly single in her flirty thirties proves to be – mental.

With a wounded heart, she tries wrapping her head around the new rules of dating. She collides with Russell Brand, Slash, Internet suitors, a vampire, a rock star and a slew of other specimens so disinterested that she presumes herself dead.

After a string of failed encounters and playing air guitar to the beat of her biological clock, Lana finally discovers just what she needs to tackle and bag that slippery little thing that she desires more than anything else in this world: love.


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Also available: Addicted to Love

US$9.99 print edition, US$3.99 e-book

When Lana returns to Greece, the last thing she expects is to fall in love. After all, this was the country in which her marriage and psyche had dissolved. But on an exotic Greek island, surrounded by the Mediterranean’s sapphire and topaz brilliance, Lana discovers that truth really is stranger than fiction.

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