To Hellas and Back

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When Lana and Dion head to Athens, they have no idea what lies in wait. Dion has been offered the job of the century, while Lanachases a sabbatical involving sun, sea and sand. But while the gods couldn’t have been kinder, this is one travel adventure that does not go according to plan.

Lana finds it difficult to articulate beyond pointing and snorting. She acquires towering hairstyles and discovers solace only through tweezering her leg hair. Meanwhile, Dion is having the time of his life, embracing his Greek ancestry, and slipping further from Lana’s grasp just when she needs him the most.

Welcome to a cross-cultural love story with all the trimmings: a big, fat Greek wedding, a son-worshipping mother-in-law, a fast-crumbling psyche and an unexpected ending.

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Kickstart My Heart

Lana prays that the worst is behind her. Following a dose of relationship hell, she flees Greece and staggers into the awaiting arms of a British-based pop star. She resumes a fabulous career and all should be well. But being suddenly single in her flirty thirties proves to be – mental.