The Happiness Quest

$9.99 print edition, $3.99 e-book

What would happen if a clinically depressed person embarked on a quest to not only overcome her condition, but discover the key to sustained happiness?

Well, Lana Penrose did just that. After going through a divorce and moving countries three times, Lana returned home to Australia and buckled like a soldier on a battlefield. The black dog bit and it bit hard. Lana was diagnosed with major depression and finding herself at adesperate crossroads, she took a sharp left and chose to fight for her happiness, star-rating her experiences along the way.

The Happiness Quest is a self-help memoir that is raw, real and funny, and covers what the journey of tackling depression is really like. Using herself as a human guinea pig, Lana tries almost every conceivable therapy: CBT, schema psychology, EMDR, acupuncture, meditation, medication, mindfulness, naturopathy, compassion, forgiveness, NLP, EFT, kinesiology, gratitude, visualisation and shamanism. If it was legal, she tried it, including pit-stopping for a fireside chat with a close associate of the Dalai Lama.

Unbelievably, it worked, and the results were beyond even Lana’s wildest imaginings.

Open, warm and wise, The Happiness Quest is for all depression sufferers and happiness seekers alike.


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to hellas and back cover

Also available: To Hellas and Back

US$9.99 print edition, US$3.99 e-book

When Lana and Dion head to Athens, they have no idea what lies in wait. Dion has been offered the job of the century, while Lana chases a sabbatical involving sun, sea and sand. But while the gods couldn’t have been kinder, this is one travel adventure that does not go according to plan.

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to hellas and back cover